fodisa healer

This healer is pocketsize rainbow lightworks resonating color therapy unit
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ZAR990 covers 1 rainbow unit domestic RSA economail tracking to your post office
Also available at Weleda health & pharmacy Bryanston
For other international or customised options plse email me with your request
fodisa means to cool the pain and the unit that does that is the rainbow fodisa
It is the smallest soap shaped battery driven light emitting diode lightworks color therapy unit
My personal fodisa healer lives in my bed at night and in my pocket during the day
Whenever I feel an injury or uneasyness anywhere on my body I switch on my fodisa healer
You can tie it down with the included strap or just place it against the ache or position yourself on it
I use it like a small bar of soap to wash my body with pulsating light wherever it seeks attention
Energy body imbalances may be restored within seconds while tissue repair could require 15 minutes
a fresh acute injury could resolve with one treatment but chronic conditions require many repeating days
This unit is ideal for home use and safe for children because it is battery driven with light emmiting diodes
This unit resonates all the colors of the rainbow plus infrared and white during its cyclic swing
Starts from red to orange to yellow to yellow green to green to blue to violet to white with IR in the middel
Energy sensitive people can feel the light photons penetrating the skin from the outside thru clothing
When I wake up at night and my stomach is knotted I rub it with the fodisa in my hand
When my leg itches I scratch it with my fodisa in my hand flashing lights towards the skin
My body enjoys the energy of light and yours could also appreciate the attention
It is reported that this unit has healed ceased joints, headaches, stress, and flesh wounds
For more technical information and testimonials
This offer consists of one fodisa with included instruction pamflet
it uses 3 x AAA batteries which are not included plse obtain good alcaline at your local shop
Batteries are too heavy for postage and are not good during earoplane cargo shipping
Further information is printed on the package insert which you receive with each unit

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